Drawing on over 35 years of experience, TEMA excels in providing tailored guidance and training in business management and marketing. Our commitment to excellence is evident in our collaborative approach, harnessing collective expertise to deliver optimal solutions. Beyond professionalism, we prioritize cultivating enduring partnerships, viewing each project as an opportunity to exceed expectations. We take pride in delivering high-quality work and embrace values like skill transfer and empowerment, driving sustained success. Understanding our clients' perspectives is paramount, and we communicate our expertise confidently to ensure their complete satisfaction. With a global mindset and local expertise, we consistently achieve exceptional outcomes.


At TEMA, we believe that business goes beyond proposals and assignments. We are committed to cultivating lasting relationships centered around our clients, working tirelessly to not only meet but exceed their dreams and aspirations. Our philosophy is rooted in the belief that success is built on trust, collaboration, and shared goals.


TEMA works with entrepreneurs and business owners to achieve their dream by helping them increase revenues, reduce costs and amplifying market share by bridging the G.A.P. (Growth, Automation & Profit) and turn their ‘good little business’ into a great business! TEMA provides hands-on assistance to small and medium-sized businesses that don't have access to the resources and expertise typically available to CEOs of large corporations. Whether they have growing pains, or pains because they’re not growing, require a business plan to get badly needed financing, or just a plain-speaking senior business executive to talk to, we can help!

Founded in England in 1988 and now headquartered in Naples, Florida, USA – together with a network of associates all united by the vision of ‘thinking global and acting local’.


Business Growth Architect & TEMA Founder

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Karl M. Gibbons is the founder and Business Growth Architect President at TEMA. A serial entrepreneur who has created and sold four multi-million-dollar businesses by the age of 40 and founded TEMA in England in 1988. Gibbons merges timeless principles of success with leading-edge technologies to accelerate achievement. What began as a passion to help entrepreneurs and their businesses has grown into a mission to guide individuals and organizations along their paths to success. Gibbons works with his clients to achieve growth, build aligned teams and recession-proof businesses.

Gibbons has delivered consistent proven, profound and battle-tested results through practical and actionable programs that energize the owner’s ability to align their corporate culture, uncover the hidden value in their company, build winning teams, increase profits and recession-proof their business via his META™ coaching methodology.

If you’re looking for a speaker whose content that is original, profound battle-tested, and works – you’ve found him! Click here to download his speaker profile.

In 2002 he made Naples, Florida his home and in August 2008 he became a US Citizen. When he is not working, he loves to fly hot air balloons, playing drums and collecting Beatles memorabilia.

Karl M. Gibbons is accredited by and a member of the following organizations;

• Fellow of the Institute of Directors
• Fellow of the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management
• GLG Educator to Gerson Lehrman Group
• Executive Associate of the Institute for • Independent Business
• Chairman & President - ESOA - Entrepreneur Society of America
• Chairman of the Entrepreneurship Program for Collier County School Board


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